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Gold & Diamond

Looking For a Custom Piece?

Here at Gold & Diamond Trade we can custom design anything that you’d like. Whether it’s an engagement ring, custom chain, ring, or even a pendant. We prioritize our customer’s satisfaction so we take our time with each individual design to ensure that the piece is made with quality. Make sure to check out our gallery of custom pieces we’ve previously made.
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Gold & Diamond

Our Process

Step 1

The process of getting a custom piece made is very simple. Whatever idea you have in mind we plan on making it a reality. The first step is to describe what it is you want to have done.

Step 2

Our designers then make a CAD (computer aided design) of your idea. This will allow you to know exactly what clarity diamonds are going into your piece, how big each stone will be, the precise amount of stones in the piece, and lastly the weight and dimensions of it.

Step 3

The last step of the process is you deposit a down payment for the piece and we begin to make it exactly how the design is. When the piece is finished we reach out to you to pay the rest of the deposit and to pick it up!